Matt Nagy: I’m not opposed to giving up playcalling, but right now I don’t need to

The Bears’ offense has been even worse with Nick Foles starting at quarterback than it was with Mitchell Trubisky, and that has some folks pointing the finger at the head coach, who also happens to be the offensive playcaller.

So should Matt Nagy give up playcalling duties? He said today that he’s willing to do it if it will make the offense better, but that’s not his plan at the moment.

“I always look at all that. That’s the very first thing I look at,” Nagy said of playcalling, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score. “I talk to our coaches. We talk through that whole process. I really am honestly not opposed. There’s no opposition from me if that’s what we feel the issue is. We look at that. Right now, where we’re at, that’s not where we think it’s at. But at the same point in time, I’ll always look each week. I’ll say this too: When you’re in a little bit of a rut like we are, a lot of a rut like we are, you have to look at everything.”

The Bears need to look at everything. At 5-2 it is not time to panic, but the offense is one of the worst in the league right now. That has to change, and changing the playcalling may be the best way to change it.